• The Proposer writes a letter recommending the Applicant to join the club.
  • The Applicant then applies and submits a CV, after which he/she then gets a formal application form.
  • The filled form should be returned with Two Passport photos, Photocopy of National ID and the cheque payable to – Veterinary Laboratory Sports Club
  • The form with an attached photo of the applicant then goes on the Official Notice board for one (1) week.
  • After the One Week the applicant is then contacted to appear before the balloting committee.
  • ┬áBalloting and approval of membership clears the applicant to start using the club facility and services.

Change of Membership

Members wishing to change their membership status from one category to another should do the following:

    • Write a letter requesting the change of membership
    • After approval by the membership secretary the member should:
      – Settle all outstanding subscriptions
      – Return their current membership card and have another one done.


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