There are a limited number of places available at our club in the different membership categories that we have. So, if you’re thinking about joining a golf club, here are five reasons why you should consider applying for membership at Vetlab?

  • We offer a range of membership categories to cater for different ages, abilities and time commitments.
  • There’s no tee booking times for the golf course (apart from competition days) so you can often turn up and play whenever you want.
  • There are formal and informal roll-ups organized during the week and at weekends so new members can easily get to meet and play with other members.
  • We organize a programme of competitions, special golfing events and social activities that will appeal to all playing members.
  • Overall, we believe we are one of the friendliest golf clubs and recreation facility in the area, and will always make an effort to ensure new members are made to feel welcome.


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