The Veterinary Laboratory Sports Club commonly referred to as Vet Lab and widely revered as a golf club has been in existence since 1923. It was founded by one Eric Tilley. It consisted of 3 holes and a thatched Banda for a club house. The course included 9 greens and fairways, but 18 tees, giving a slight variation to the playing of the back nine holes.

Vet Lab was founded as a recreation facility for Scottish veterinary researchers at the Kenya Department of Veterinary Services. Initially, apart from being used as a 9-hole golf course, the Club had other sports such as lawn tennis and bowling. It is currently registered as a society whose membership consists of staff of the Veterinary Department, University of Nairobi Upper Kabete Campus staff and other private members drawn from all professions including politicians, government officials, and business people.

The incumbent Director of Veterinary Services is the Chairman of the club although the day to day management is handled by an elected committee headed by the Vice-Chairman. Vet Lab boasts of being the breeding ground for many of Kenya’s professional golfers, including the only Lady professional, Rose Naliaka. This has earned the Club its position in both local and international golf circles.

The club had been operating as a 9-hole golf course with members keen on expanding it to an 18-hole course. Members approached the Department of Veterinary Services on the need to allocate more land for the expected expansion of the facility. The department finally allocated 85 acres of land to fully accommodate the extra nine holes in 2007.[separator]

With an investment of over Kshs60 million, the value of the Vet Lab Golf Club as a recreation and green oasis in the middle of Nairobi’s concrete jungle cannot be gainsaid. It is also a water catchment for the Upper Athi River basin. Vet Lab is currently the only golf course in Kenya constructed on public land and therefore its membership is open to every Kenyan within the provisions of the club’s constitution.

Vet Lab has evolved over the years with improvement of key facilities among them the recently renovated club house, the modern changing rooms, state of the art Lifefitness gym facility, a soccer pitch, jogging track and the general pristine golf course to what is today a modern facility aligned to international golfing standards.