Our History

History Timeline of Vetlab Sports Club

1923 – 1949

Club Founded in 1923

Vetlab Sports Club has a rich history dating back to 1923 when a group of enthusiasts, including Eric Tilley, persuaded the Veterinary Laboratory to make a golf course. The laboratory authorities granted their request, and the first three holes were completed that same year. The course featured a thatched mushroom shelter for the members.
In 1924, the remaining six holes were completed, and the original clubhouse was built near the laboratory for staff convenience. Additionally, the club had two tennis courts and a bowling green, which were popular among the members.
In 1946, the Kenya Golf Union recognized Vetlab Sports Club as a golf course, which was a significant milestone for the club. Three years later, in 1949, three more holes were added, making the club a nine-hole course.

1950 – 1979

Construction of the Club House

Initially, golf activities were conducted at a simple shed clubhouse between 1923 and 1974. In 1958, Nandi flame trees were planted by Nigel Sinclair, giving hole number 5 the name "Flaming Trees." In 1966, Vetlab welcomed its first African Director and opened its doors to non-European members, though they showed a preference for other sports. In 1974, fundraising efforts led to the construction of a clubhouse, completed in 1976. The course underwent improvements in 1967, including tree planting and water supply installation. Additionally, a banda was built in 1974, officially opened by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Nairobi. These milestones have shaped Vetlab into a thriving community for sports enthusiasts.

1980s – 1990s

Sports Ground

1980s: the university students demanded for a sports ground and specifically agitated for the golf course grounds.
1986: President Daniel Arap Moi gave the 1st fairway to the students to serve as their sports ground. The present hole No. 1 was then recognized to cater for Hole No. 1 and 10 with different teeing greens.
After 1986 membership continued to grow and the need for an 18-hole course became apparent.
the club membership through the elected officials requested compensation for the land hived away, and the director gave them the land where the present 17th Green stands.
A new minister for livestock was appointed and assisted the club members to get more land for present-day holes 5,6,13,14 and 15 stands.
In the 1990s: Cooper Kenya donated Ksh 7 million which was used to extend the banda to a clubhouse. Also constructed is the Cooper Lounge where the present-day gym stands and car park.

2000 – Current

The Evolution Of The Golf Club

During the 2000s, the club faced the challenge of maintaining the expanded 18-hole course, which required additional funds for upkeep and optimal utilization. To address this, the club conducted membership drives in 2014, 2016, and 2017, attracting new members and generating the necessary financial support.
In 2021, a significant milestone was reached as the club proudly unveiled its newly opened upstairs sports bar. This remarkable addition was made possible through the generous sponsorship of the Jonnie Walker team, solidifying their commitment to the club's growth and development.
Today, the club has established itself as one of Kenya's premier golfing and recreational facilities. The meticulously designed 18-hole golf course boasts well-constructed greens, carefully selected with a hybrid blend of bentgrass to ensure exceptional playing conditions. Additionally, the club offers a range of amenities and services, providing a fully functional and enjoyable experience for its members and guests alike.