Past Events

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The Captain’s Prize is a two-day golf competition. The first day consists of a round of strokeplay in which competitors attempt to complete the course in the fewest strokes possible. The event’s second round features a Stableford format in which participants earn points based on their score on each hole. The difference in scores between the two days determines the winner. The event’s conclusion is usually marked with pomp and colour to honour the retiring captain.


The Lady Captain’s Prize is a Stableford golf competition that honours the end of the Lady Captain’s tenure. This is one of the events that many golfers want to be a part of because it attracts a wide range of sponsors and culminates in a spectacular celebration.

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The Vice-Chairman’s prize, or putter, is the calendar’s final major golf tournament, in which the retiring Vice-Chairman organizes a golfing event for members, culminating in a large celebration to mark the end of the Vice-Chairman’s term.